Do you know where your children are?
We all have heard the sad stories of children wandering out of the house while a parent was pre-occupied. Allow yourself piece of mind by using the “Chime” function on your alarm panel. Here is how it works: Simply press the “Chime” button when you want to be alerted to your exterior doors being opened or closed. Whenever one of those doors is opened, your keypad will chime…alerting you to activity.

This works great with younger children who are curious and want to explore outdoors when mom or dad aren’t looking. The chime from the keypad alerts you to their curiosity and gives you an opportunity to catch up to them before they get too far.

It also works great for teenagers as well. When they return home from a game or a friend’s house, you will know exactly when they got home…and for those teenagers that are testing their boundaries, the chime will alert you when they are attempting to sneak out!!

Where is the best place to put my flat-screen TV?
The creation of the flat-screen TV has revolutionized the home design industry. Now TVs can be placed almost anywhere. Instead of a huge listing of where you can place a flat-screen, let’s focus on where NOT to place it.

#3. The TV should not be mounted near air ducts. The constant flow of air will create increased residue on and in the television, thereby reducing its life span.

#2. Stay away from placing a flat screen where it will be hit by sunlight. Remember when you had to pull all the drapes shut on the windows to improve your television’s picture? It holds true with a flat screen.

And the #1 place not to place a TV….

As much as it seems like a great idea, never put a TV above a fireplace. Not only is the heat very hard on the television, you’ll increase your neck strain by constantly having to look up at it.