The 3 “P”s

Prevent, Protect, Prepare

The 3 “P”s have never been more important to home and business owners, especially in Minnesota. According to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program’s Crime Index, the number of burglaries rose by 10 percent for Minnesota in 2002 . That equates to over 28,000 homes and businesses. This is where the 3 “P”s play an important part.

Prevent: As you are building your new home or opening a business, call Home Systems Installation to develop a Prevention Strategy by custom designing the best security system for your location.

Protect: If you are in an existing home or commercial location, Protect your family, employees, and property by having a security system custom designed and installed by Home Systems Installation.

Prepare: Preparation is the final tool to protecting family and property. Make sure everyone (family, trusted neighbors, and employees) is trained and know how to use the security system. Organize a neighborhood watch – which is great for getting to know your neighbors and deterring crime. Teach loved ones and employees safety tips and have “Just in case” plans prepared. “Just in case” a fire breaks out…, “Just in case” a door is left open…, “Just in case” a stranger calls…, etc.

P.S.: Security systems usually lower insurance rates. Contact your policy holder for details on your cost savings!!